Our Story

When I first locked eyes with my heart dog Preston, I made him a promise – that I would do everything in my power to be the best dog mom possible.

For 17 years, I have sought the most natural, eco-friendly, socially-conscious, and AFFORDABLE pet products for Preston. In 2008, I embarked on a crazy adventure with Pres on a silly reality TV show, and our life was forever changed. I made Preston a second promise – that I would somehow make his life matter. I dedicated my existence to animal training, wellness, and happiness… determined to bring my ideas to market to improve pets’ lives.

In 2009, I read “Food Pets Die For” by Ann Martin, and along with following Susan Thixton’s work, I made a decision that forever changed our lives. I took Preston off Kibble and watched him thrive. His red tear stains disappeared, his fur became shiny and fluffier, and he achieved and maintained a healthy weight. I focused on feeding only single-source protein and vegetables…a combination of homemade, raw, freeze-dried…depending on my work/travel schedules. Just as I cared for my own health, I tried to limit carbs, grains, starches, and avoid unhealthy fillers in Preston’s diet. Not only did he become healthier, but he was also happier, more satisfied, and more excited to train because his reward was delicious meat.

As a professional dog trainer, I want to feed only the most healthy and delicious food possible. Variety keeps life interesting, which is essential for therapy and performance working dogs. Over time, I began to look for the perfect treat… something with lean, single-source, human-grade protein and healthy, beneficial vegetables… that was also nutritionally balanced and formulated by a veterinarian.

After 11 years, the addition of Penelope & Delilah, and the help of some experts in pet nutrition, I decided to launch the Nativo Pet Company. Inspired by my love for Preston, Penelope, Delilah, and every dog whose touched my life, it is my dedication to create products that meet the highest standards for both your and my dog children.  We are proud to make, source & design all of our products here in the United States and we hope your dogs love our pet lifestyle products as much as Preston & friends!

XO, Laura Nativo