Our Manifesto

At Nativo Pet Company,
We believe life is not measured in dog years, cat years, human years… 
but instead, tail wags, the miles you’ve walked with your dog by your side, 
and the quality of the “moments” that matter. 
Happy moments with animals. 
Moments that make up for an otherwise ruff day. 
Moments that you can’t help but take a million photos of, 
or maybe you’re too wrapped up in the moment to capture it.
Moments that leave paw prints on your heart forever.
At Nativo Pet Company, 
we’re about more than nourishing your best friend with healthy treats, 
nutritious chews, and innovation that support positive reinforcement. 
We’re about empowering you to integrate training into your everyday life -
finding more time to spend with your children, both 2 and 4 legged. 
We’re about helping you build trust 
so your pet feels at ease in our crazy, sometimes unnatural, world. 
We’re about helping you nourish your dog mentally and physically. 
We’re about helping you raise your pet to reach their fullest paw-tential. 
We’re about helping you look in the mirror at night and smile - 
proud of the dog mom or dad you have become. 
We’re about helping you create more moments that matter with your fur-family. 
We’re honored to be a partner in your journey to a pawtastic life full of moments that matter.
Laura Nativo, on behalf of my canine kids,
Delilah Jane Sassafras, Penelope Supafly + our angel & inspiration, Preston Casanova