Nourishing Trust

Trust is what leads to a happy & loving human-canine relationship that lasts a lifetime. Our training treats are formulated with ingredients you can pronounce, and easily recognize as healthy, to nourish the bond between you & your four-legged love.

  • Ethically sourced, made & packaged in the USA
  • Free from artificial preservatives and artificial sweeteners
  • Made of Grain-free and Gluten-free ingredients
  • Nutritious & tasty to help motivate your pup while training

Our Products

A pawtastic way to treat your furry friend while he or she chills!

Our freeze-dried raw, single-ingredient Chillin Chews™ support oral health, provide nutritional value between meals, and help support healthy joints.

The perfect high-value reward for positive reinforcement dog training!

Nutritionally supercharged with a balanced blend of single-source protein, vegetables, and superfoods, Num Nums™ help fuel and strengthen the relationship you share with your dog.