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Training Treats (3 Formulations)


CHEWS (3 Single Source Proteins)



From origin to final destination, Nativo Naturals takes all the necessary steps to ensure our products meet the highest quality and safety standards.  You can be assured that you are getting only the best chews and treats available for your pet.

Proteins used in Nativo Naturals are sourced only from facilities operating under the USDA Food Safety Inspection Services (FSIS).  The FSIS ensures our ingredients maintain the highest quality standards by conducting regular site inspections, animal welfare audits, and by requiring letters of guarantee from our harvesting partners.  Our produce ingredients (Dried Broccoli Sprouts, Dried Pumpkin, Dried Mushroom, Dried Brussels Sprout, Dried Bone Broth, Dried Kale, Dried Blueberry) are individually sourced, tested for purity and contaminants, and come with a certificate of analysis. 

Our beef and poultry are farm-raised on natural diets, and our salmon is wild-caught.  Our super-nutritious produce ingredients (exclusive to Num Nums) are individually sourced and thoroughly tested for safety.

Nativo Naturals are made in small batches meaning they are at the highest level of freshness when shipped.  After harvesting, all proteins are frozen and sent to a family-owned pet food facility for manufacturing.  Proteins used in our Num Nums are ground up, combined with custom-formulated, nutrient-rich produce ingredients, and converted to 3/8” super-charged nibs.   Nibs and our single-ingredient Chillin’ Chews then go through a custom, slow freeze-drying process which removes up to 99% of the water while retaining the nutritional integrity of the proteins. 

After the freeze-drying process is complete, Nativo Naturals are packaged in various size bags, nitrogen flushed, and sealed.  Nitrogen flushing preserves and protects our products during shipping and storage. Unlike oxygen, nitrogen doesn’t react with foods meaning Nativo Naturals stay fresh longer.   The result is a natural, raw meat treat that doesn’t require refrigeration, has a long shelf life, and maintains the flavor and texture your dog craves and the nutrients that you, as a pet parent, expect. 

Num Nums are proudly formulated and thoughtfully balanced by holistic veterinarian, Dr. Laurie Coger.


My dogs are going CRAZY over these Num Num treats. As a certified dog trainer I absolutely love the size, texture, and fact that it doesn’t leave a residue on your hands. We have a dog school Service so we train about 25 dogs a day, and we loved the simplicity of the ingredients.  100 percent recommend this product and dogs love it too.


Salmon Skins were a Big Hit – Sophie knew this package was for her and she devoured her first salmon skin immediately. Salmon has always been her favorite food and these treats did not disappoint!


My pup LOVED them. My girl is very treat motivated and LOVED these chews so much! She would beg for them and do all the tricks in the book just to earn her reward. They are also very high quality and good sized for the price. Highly recommend to anyone who’s dogs enjoy a tasty, high quality chew stick!


My husky loves these and I use these for training. I like how the salmon skins arrived as three long pieces. That gives me the option to cut into smaller pieces to use as treats. Even as smaller pieces, the chews stay intact. Looking forward to trying the other flavors!

Tiffany S.

My Dogs love these.  All of my dogs absolutely love these treats! They can be broken up into pieces to share. The best part is that these aren't filled with all of the extra ingredients that come in dog food and treats.


So far the moo-stock is a big hit... like a rib-eye among dog treats.


All Natural, no preservatives and my dogs love them!

Allison K.

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